4 apartments for sale, center of Pula!

4 apartments for sale, center of Pula!

4 apartments for sale, center of Pula!



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This property is situated in the old part of the city of Pula extends over the entire floor of an Austro-Hungarian building on the third floor. The property offers approx 133 m2 of floor space which was fully adapted in 2017. (new concrete floors, new electricity instalations, sewage and water installations, installed air conditioning and heating installations) Zhe propeerty is conceived as 4 holiday rental apartments – and is pretty much booked over the season! The apartments are conceived as 3 studio apartments and one apartment with a bedroom that has its own entrance, while the other 3 apartments come from a spacious main hall. All apartments are designed and equipped with exceptionally high quality equipment, and designer furniture and custom made features. Each of the apartments has its own toilet, bathroom, kitchen, air conditioning and all the apartments were equipped with gas heating. Apartments are sold fully furnished. The property is very close to major tourist attractions – the Forum, Golden Gate, Arena, and is surrounded by many restaurants and other interesting attractions. Apartments are sold as a whole. Perfect for rental business as well as an occasional stay!

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